Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July 30 to August 2 - Bend, OR to near Timberline Lodge, OR

Day 77 - July 30 - end at mile 1998.4. Nero day. Sprout, Kibs, and I left Big Lake Youth Camp in the morning and walked a flat 6 miles to HWY20. We had a hard time hitching a ride to Bend. There were tons of cars but nobody stopped for over an hour and a half. Eventually a local named Annie picked us up. She regularly gives hikers rides and works on the Sisters Trail Committee. In Bend, we food shopped, I sent boxes to Washington, ate and motelled. Had a fun night out at a bar with Sprout and some other hikers. Had the #1 veggie burger of trail so far at their food truck. Got back to the motel and went to sleep around midnight. Way late for us early risers.

Day 78 - July 31 - end at mile 2014.5. Got breakfast with Sprout at The Sparrow Bakery in Bend before checking out of the motel. Got picked up by a friend of a friend who took us three back to the trail. Our afternoon hike was nice and burned forest, bug free, nice view of Mt. Jefferson. Camping at a nice overlook with Kibs and Sprout.

Day 79 - August 1 - end at mile 2052.1. The start of a new month. I started on trail before sunrise and headed deeper into the Mt Jefferson area. Mt Jefferson was big, triangular, and snowy in the distance as skirted around it. I learned of an ongoing search and rescue for a 21 year old kid here and saw lots of aircraft and volunteers on foot looking for him. I hope he turns up safely soon. I got a glimpse of the massive Mt Hood in the distance. I glissaded on some lingering snow. Stopped at a lake store just off trail in the evening for some snacks and drink. Head off with Sprout and Kibs for some extra miles. Today was nearly 40 miles and the longest they'd done so far. At dusk we saw Nighthawks and heard them call and dive. The diving continued after dark.

Day 80 - August 2nd - end at mile 2089.0. Today was a cool and cloudy day. For the first time ever out here I never needed my sunglasses. Wind blew and it reminded me of Fall back home. The woods were dense conifers with Wolf Lichen. Lunch at Timothy Lake. Camping at a dirt road with Sprout. Kibbs carried on but we will see him tomorrow. Met a woman crewing Karel Sabbe who is attempting the PCT supported thru run. He is expected to run through my camp at 10pm tonight.

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