Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 1 to 3 - South Lake Tahoe, CA to near Sierra City, CA

Day 48 - July 1 - end at approx 1107.5. Woke up to a fire Lonestar was making. A nice way to warm up and keep the mosquitos at bay. Left at 7 after a leisurely breakfast and wales a mile to road. Hitched with Frosty Pants from Germany. A local named Lori who works at resort in town picked us up. I was able to do my resupply quickly at the grocery store which had it all. Then I stopped in the great Lake of the Sky outfitter across the street for a few small things. They had a hiker lounge and helped me with a big box to mail stuff home at the post office. Now with a light pack I went to have Chinese buffett. It wasnt a great selection for a mosty vegan. I did eat some not great shellfish, stringbeans, and spring rolls. I kinda wish I went elsewhere cause I didnt leave very full... just didnt want any more. On the way out of town I met John Z and hitched back with him. Got a nice ride with a guy who is marries to a thru hiker. Coppertone was at the road and gave us soda. A hiker gave us beer and grapefruit. John Z is a triple crown hiker and is back on the PCT. He is about my age and going faster than me. He is getting off in a few days to attempt an fkt on the Colorado Trail. I hiked with him around Echo lake and 16 miles up and over Dicks Pass. Awesome at sunset. We camped together just below the pass.

Day 49 - July 2 - end at mile 1149.0. My first 40+ mile day ever. We got up at dawn and started off. I will get up at dawn again, I forgot it's the best time to hike tied with dusk. Made good 3mph progress throughout day with a few breaks. Terrain is much easier now than Sierras but it was up and down with a little snow all day. We saw smoke from a fire way out with the west and haze blew over the trail. It made for a beautiful sunset as John and I hiked this ridge to our camp at dusk. Good day. My left hamstring (?) Is a little sore but hopefully it feels fine in the AM. Hoping to hike with John till he gets of trail in a few days. Also I found out it I average 30 a day until end of trail I'll finish my thru hike in 100 days. Not sure if I'm gonna formally take that challenge on but it seems like a good approximation for what I want to do for the rest if my hike. We are nearing the half way point now.

Day 50 - July  3rd -  end at 1190.7. John Z and I are camping at Milton Creek at the end of our second 42 mile day in a row. Bats are flying in circles overhead in the fading light. Lots of up, down, and pine and pruce forest today. Not a lot of snow. Saw another Grouse and washed up in Wolf Creek in my midday heat. Walking in wet clothes feels nice. John left camp this morning a few minutes before me and I didn't see him till late this afternoon when he caught up to me. I figured he was ahead cause I felt like I was going slow, but I had leapfrogged him when he went off trail. We hiked the final dozen or so miles together. Just a few miles into Sierra City tomorrow. This section ended up only taking 2.5 days and  not the 4 I geared up for. Hoping to keep up a good pacemoving forward. Also I hope the business are open tomorrow on the fourth of July otherwise I may need to nero there. John thinks everything but the post office will be open.

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