Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 14th to 18th - Campo to almost Warner Springs.

Day 0 - may 14
Scout picked me up at the airport along with three others. He took us to his and Frodo's home to spend the night and would drive us to the trail the next morning. Great people. Made me vegan Mexican cassarole. Chatted a bunch with Grasshopper, a 2014 AT alumn.

Day 1 - may 15
Met ben, Alex and Chris in first mile. Chris is a 2015 AT alumn.
27 miles today. Cloudy skies and easy tread made the first 20 super quick. Met Sonic and roadrunner who are not using  those names anymore but they hiked AT in 2014 too. Cowboy camped with Ben, Alex and Chris. Lots of new birds. 60s 70s.

Day 2 - may 16
Walked most to Mt laguna solo. Remet friends at campsite near there. Hiked with them another 4 miles where they stopped except Chris went on and I walked solo another 6ish to a nice picnic area. At mile 52.6. Very Senic still. Todd and a father son here. Fire and I put it out cold to touch hehe. Knee felt iffy again early and late yesterday but now feels fine.

Day 3 - may 17
Walked all day solo. End at 79.4 mile marker. Hot in morning. Tried to stop around noon. No shade so kept going after brief lie down. 3 more miles came to an unexpected water tank... hung out there for over an hour until it got a little cooler. Hiked on in sunny and passing clouds. Saw black chinned sparrow by road to Julian. They are cool. Scissors crossing, found a bottle of water... nice. Climbed other side and light rain started. Then stopped. Used umbrella, should have got a shower. Awesome cactus and colors here also saw Scott's Orieal. Tenting in dry creek bed with nice view. No rain now. Saw rainbow. Pretty.

Day 4 - may 18. End at mile 104.9. Woke to find I was next to Chris who I hiked with day 1 and 2. We hiked 12 miles to a water cache and first logbook I saw. 3 hr siesta met Chipotle and others. 10 miles to spring campsite. Cloudy off and on sun.. not too hot. Washed feet with water. At least 3 blisters. More than I've ever had before. A few more miles. Walked thru cow pastuer. Very nice change of pace. Camping in Sandy flat just beyond there with Chris and one other tent. Coyotes yipping. Cow pie next door.

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