Monday, October 13, 2014

We finished the whole trail!

Taken at summit of Mt. Katahdin on September 13, 2014

This post is a little late but I wanted to put some closer to the blog. Greta and I finished up the AT in Maine on September 13th by summiting Mt Katahdin! This was one of the most beautiful places on the entire trail, and we even saw three bears from the summit!

After finishing in Maine, we still had about 75 miles left to hike in Virginia which we skipped when caring for Minty. We took about a week off of hiking after doing Katahdin and began to set up our living space in Boston once again. Then we headed back down to VA to finish up the section.

Down in VA, we had a nice and easy time walking from  Rt-42/Ceres, VA to Pearisburg, VA. Not too many views, but the few that we had were pretty. The leaves were starting to turn. It was pretty dry down there and many of the smaller water sources weren't providing. Saw one black bear and many turkeys! For our last night on the trail, we stayed at Wood's Hole Hostel. Had the bunkroom to ourselves and ate a great breakfast. Thanks so much to Sharpie and Twizzler for shuttling us to and from the AT and letting us stay with them during this section... you folks made it so much easier logistically and made traveling very fun!

 Now that we've completed the AT, we're back in Boston full-time and looking forward to our next adventure... whatever that may be.