Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24 2014 - Damascus, VA

We are in Damascus, VA. Around mile 460. All is well. Will be in VA for like the next 600 miles. Will give a longer update later.

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 - Erwin, TN

Updated: we found Minty a home!!! Thanks for everyone who helped out!

We are on Erwin, TN at mile 341.5 on the trail. Got in yesterday after 6 days on the trail. Minty came with us for this next section and will be hiking with us until the end of June. At that point we will go home for a weekish for a wedding and bring Minty to our friend in Boston who is adopting him. So happy we found him a home!

Minty is a great hiker. He has been a lot of fun to have around, although he has been very emotionally stressful at times for me to deal with in regards to finding him a home, becoming attached to him, the additional chores and responsibilities of having a dog, and trying to train him. So far he has been walking on a leash on this collar but we just got him a doggy backpack to use to carry his food. Hopefully he takes to it easily.

We hiked this section alone. Our friend group split up after Hot Springs, but we met back up with Fran and Harry at this hostel here (Uncle Johnny's Hostel). It was nice to see them again and we got great Mexican food last night. They left this morning, but we are staying in town until tonight because we are taking Minty to the vet for a wellness visit and vaccinations and dewormer. Hopefully he gets into the shuttle without a struggle.

Hopefully we can leave  tonight for about 5 miles to the shelter... but this depends on how the vet visit goes. Hope to catch up to our friends soon. Supposed to be rain the next day or so. That's okay with me since we had such hot sunny weather the past week. Hopefully Minty doesnt mind too much.

Our packs weigh about 42 pounds each right now with food and water. I think my pack is supposed to only be rated for 35. Our friend Rafiki's pack is only 19!! Hope to send home some stuff once we get to Hampton, TN. Should be sufficiently warm then.

I dont have too many pictures from this section because my battery died fast. But here is what I got...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Please help Minty!

Update April 14, 2014 - we found a home for Minty!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped!


Does anyone want a dog? He was a stray we found in Hot Springs, NC. He is leashed trained. Good with other dogs. Loves running and hiking.  We are fostering him for the time being but he needs a furever home. Please share this post.

Also if anyone wants to help pay for his veterinary care and food, please send money to me via paypal at We will be taking him to the vet asap. He has worms but is generally healthy. Needs shots.

My phone is gonna die so we will post more later. Please share this post.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6, 2014 - Hot Springs, NC

We are taking a nearo day here in Hot Springs, NC at mile 275. This is a very hiker (and motorcycler) friendly town with the AT running right down the main street. Sharing a rented cabin with Misty, Harry, and Fresh.

The past days since Gatlinburg have been nice. The first few days back up in the moxies were clear and warn but the snow was melting away to slush and mud. The views were truly beautiful here, some of the best and consistently so thoroughout the day.

We only got a little bit of rain and nothing lasting more than half a day. The temperatures do not seem to get freezing anymore and my new sleeping bag is warm enough that I dont need my liner.

I will be sending home my liner and our microspikes tomorrow. In another few weeks or month, I will send home some clothes. I want more volume in my pack or more compact stuff. The size of my food bag is enormous. The weight is not really an issue but volume is. It will be nice once I send some home. Once/if my new 15° bag becomes unbearably hot, I could trade it out for something smaller.

The next resupply town, Erwin, TN is in 5-6 days.

We are at 41 bird species now! Our hiker friend,  Goat told us the other day that the booming sound of increasing tempo we have been hearing everyday is ruffed grouse... males displaying! Google it, it's awesome!!!!!

- Junco