Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26, 2014 - Fontana Village, NC

Greta and I are at mile 164.7 after a little over two weeks on the trail. Taking a break here today to resupply food and do laundry. Tonight we are staying at the fontana "hilton" shelter, one of the fancier or fanciest shelters in the south (i.e. has real bathrooms and showers).

Yesterday we had our first real snow on the trail. The weather has typically been a pleasant high of fifty or higher during the day and near freezing at night. But yesterday we got near 4 inches of snow overnight and throughtout the day. Today is a warm 55ish and sunny.

Tomorrow we enter the Smokie Mountains!

Oh and we reached 30 bird species on our list (elsewhere on this blog), including a bunch of lifers! Been hearing Barred Owls almost everyday!

Pictures from the last few days attached.

Happy to be here and feeling good,
Chris aka Junco


  1. I'm enjoying the posts! Have you called the Barred Owls?

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying them! Been trying to post something quickly on the rare occassion I have battery life and signal at the same time. We have been keeping busy out here. There almost always is hiking or a camp chore to do. Kinda like a 1200k that goes on an on. But we do have time to loungue here and there. We actually ended up splitting a nice hotel with some friends for tonight for a guaranteed good night sleep.

    1. Oh and the barreled owls. We called them one time and I think they were responding. One wad really close and made this really weird call that sounded like a human screaching. Not sure how to describe it but it was eery. Havent seen any yet... hopefully some night though. Would like to hear/see other owls too.

      We have been hearing pileated woodpeckers daily. There holes are everywhere and we have caught a glimpse of them occasionally but they tend to fly away from humans.

      Dark eyed juncos have been the most common and approaching song birs on the trail. There are a few at nearly every shelter and they come in to feed on hiker food scraps.