Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 16; 2014

We overnighted at Tray Mtn Shelter. Covered about 28 miles in the past two days. I'm doing well though my hiking buddies are getting plagued by foot or knee issues. Greta is determined despite some blisters. Sad to hear our friend Arrow ended his hike yesterday due to knee problems. He will be missed. Best of luck to him. Its raining now and will all day. Plan to hike 10mi and then ride into Hiawassi. Gotta get out of our tent soon..

Oh and I took on the trail name "Junco". A dark eyed junco was the first bird we saw on the trail, on top of Springer. There are many around.



  1. Great to see the updates and loving the crocs in the photo! Took your tandem out for a ride with a friend the other day and thinking about you and your trip! Thinking of you; Happy trails! --Max

    1. Thanks! Glad you are using the tandem!