Friday, March 14, 2014

March 13, 2014

We are about to go to sleep on our fourth day on the trail at mile 31.7. Our second and third days went well. Our second day was hot. Last night we pitched our tent near Jarreds Gap and had received ridiculous winds and hail. I was shivering in my bag with most of my clothes on. This mornjng we summited a Bllod Mountain. At over 5000ft, I think its the highest I've ever climbed. There we had good views, a frozen hands privy experience, and a struggle to make oatmeal. Greta is feeling mostly better too!

Tonight we are sleeping in a cozy bed because we are staying in the amazing Squirrel Cabin at Blood Mountain Cabins next to Neels Gap, Georgia. Our friends Aaron and Arrow are staying with us. The whole cabin was only $60! Cheap and totally worth it. I want a tiny house like this. We ate good speghetti too!  Im contemplating adopting the trail name Bottomless Pit, at Arrow's suggestion, due to my eating habits in contrast to my slender stature.

Tommorrow we will try to pick up our pace a bit and the four of us intend to stay at a shelter about 12mi away.


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