Saturday, March 8, 2014

Leaving for AT today.

Our going away "spite cake". Thanks roommates.
Hi everyone!

We created this blog to keep our friends updated on our progress and to keep track of our adventures on the AT this year. We'll be hiking over the next six months with the plan to finish at Mt Katahdin in Maine in late August. We'll update this blog occasionally so please subscribe to stay in touch. We will have a smart phone and will check email/calls every few days but in general will have our phone off. If you are interested in mailing us anything along the way, that would be great :). Just let us know where to pick it up :).

Thanks to everyone who came to our going away party last night. It was a ton of fun! It feels great to have so many awesome friends!

Today our friend Katie is driving us to Virginia from Boston. We'll spend a night at Greta's parents house before taking a bus the next night to Atlanta. From there Survivor Dave ( ) is taking us to the trailhead to start the AT at Springer Mountain in Georgia.

I hope everyone has a great spring and summer. Hopefully we do too and I'll see you in the fall or along the trail sometime.

Keep the rubber side down,

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